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Take part in the testing of MaxiCredit

MaxiCredit - The future of finance

Lending as simple as it can!

Be part of the first blockchain based peer-to-peer lending platform

We are developing a platform, where people can lend and borrow money and spend it to a broad variety of goods and services

Our goals are to invent the first common life useable cryptocurrency

Building a blockchain based credit score system

Lending money to anyone with proper credit score or acceptable cover

How it works

Connecting lenders and borrowers, consumers and sellers


MaxiCredit Company will develop the Maxit currency and the MaxiCredit peer-to-peer lending platform and organize its everyday functioning


Smart contracts for the company, for tokens and for credits


Developer team not only means programmers who write the codes of the platform but all people who are using it, tell about to their friends, give feedbacks to programmers and so on

How can I take part

You can be one of the owners of MaxiCredit company by buying the companies token and/or be part of the developer team

Our Goals

Easy financing

A stable and flexible token value

Everyday usability

Predictable money supply

MaxiCredit Company is an Ethereum based smart contract and it will be an Estonian based company

Why is it an Ethereum based smart contract?
We decided to form our company as Ethereum based smart contract, because so its share can be issued as tokens, which are easy to buy and sell and represent ownership in a trusted way. The smart contract makes it also easy to govern our community.

Why will the company be incorporated in Estonia?
First: Estonia offers e-Residency, via everyone can get a digital ID from everywhere in the world.
Second: Estonia provide a clear regulation for cryptocurrencies.
MaxiCredit is a smart contract based peer-to-peer lending platform.
People can lend to each other or to companies using credit ratings offered by MaxiCredit Company
Maxit will be stable, but a flexible token. Its daily price volatility will be limited to +/-2% against US dollar

Our technologies

Smart contracts
Smart contract execute its content automatically and irreversible, without the need of third parties.

The blockchain is a distributed ledger build by mathematical encryption functions, it can contain transactions or smart contracts. Newer and newer transactions are placed in the following blocks of the blockchain.

Ethereum is an blockchain, which main feature is the possibilty of smart contract development.

Our platform started on Ethereum blockchain. MaxiCredit Company, MaxiCredit platform and Maxit are smart contracts. As development go further our smart contract will be implemented on other blockchains like EOS, NEO and Cardano.

White Paper

Download our Whitepaper for detailed information

We tried to answer all the questions in our Whitepaper, of course, you can ask us when you have more questions


Important milestones of the project

2018 Q3


Study Ethereum and Solidity, run pilot project

2018 Q4

Project planning

Marker research, project validation
White Paper 1.0

2019 Q1

Project structure creation

MaxiCredit Company smart contract
Launch maxicreditcompany.com
Capital raising

2019 Q2

MaxiCredit platform core development

Maxit, Credit system, Identity system smart contract development
on Ethereum testnet
Web demo

2019 Q3

MaxiCredit platform development

Android, Hedera Hashgraph and MaxiCredit community development
White paper 1.1
Capital raising

2019 Q4

MaxiCredit platform test

Credit platform test on Ethereum mainnet
Commercial platform, Credit insurance smart contract and iOS development
White paper 2.0

2020 Q1

Launch Credit platform on Ethereum

Maxit ICO on Ethereum
Commercial platform test
Credit insurance platform test

2020 Q2-Q3

Multichain development

Implementation on other blockchains
Launch Credit insurance and
Commercial platforms

2020 Q4 - 2021

Maxit blockchain development

Launch Credit platform and Maxit on other blockchains
Start own blockchain development


We are a small team with lots of knowledge!

Mihály Zoltán
Head of development

Has experience in Java, JavaScript programming, Forex and derivatives trading and cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013

Hermann György

Mathematician, Ph.D. student, graph theory expert

Jámbor István

Mathematician, cryptographer

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